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Who is ProClaris

ProClaris is a software services and consulting company. We offer services in software development as well as providing temporary personnel.

We offer turnkey solutions, and we are uniquely positioned to be able to propose fixed price arrangements to most of the requests we receive from our customers. In order to achieve this, we base our company competitive strategy on the development of the three following aspects:

  • Implementing a strong internal software development process, which is both completely documented and practical at the same time
  • Developing and maintaining an extensive technological framework which is structurally compatible with the specifications and analysis methods described by the process
  • Fostering knowledge sharing and development as our core company values, and investing from the very beginning into knowledge management infrastructure

These choices give us superior agility and productivity, and henceforth a competitive advantage that enables us to propose quality solutions at competitive prices.

We are functional integrators, focusing on addressing the specific business problems of our clients. In order to be able to propose the best architectures, we focus our expertise on all technologies that are build and operate on the Microsoft platform, having developed extensive expertise in the Microsoft line of products, as well as third party products that integrate with Microsoft technologies.

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