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The Software Crisis

"52% of projects are 189% over budget. What's more, for every 100 projects started, 94 will be restarted at least once" (Standish Group, 2000)

In simple words, most of the software development projects fail in one or more of the following ways:

  • They are over budget
  • They are over schedule
  • They do not address the actual business requirements of the users
  • Some projects are even scrapped altogether

This is the unfortunate reality of the software development market: software construction with partial design and architecture, without standard and repeatable methods for specifying, designing and implementing.

During the few decades that define the short history of the industry, a number of software engineering methods and techniques appeared which were designed to help and guide IT engineers, but only a fraction of the IT community actually used them.

However, software complexity has dramatically increased over the past decade, and consequently no more should software construction be undertaken without proper software engineering.



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