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Value Proposition


Value Proposition

In order to realise the vision and achieve our mission, we have developed, and constantly improve, the following three foundations of our company:

  • Vast and proven experience in all activities related to Software Engineering, ranging from business analysis and requirements gathering to system analysis and UML modelling including development and testing, and also project management which orchestrates all these activities. These skills are all facilitated and leveraged within the framework of the ProClaris Practical Process™. Moreover, the process is documented in the form of a book, Practical Software Engineering: Analysis and Design for the .NET platform (Enricos Manassis, Addison Wesley 2003), therefore the process can easily be reviewed and its soundness and quality be demonstrated.
  • An architectural framework developed on top of Microsoft's .NET framework, defining a number of architectural mechanisms, which are structurally compatible with our requirements capture, analysis and design methodology. Consequently, this framework along with the process, together define a practical approach that addresses both the functional and technical aspects of software development. The result is that this comprehensive combination enables us to effectively deliver our solutions, consistently achieving quality and productivity, and enables us to propose the right price to our clients.
  • An extensive set of reusable software assets expressed as component libraries, design patterns and code samples.

The advantage for our customers is speed to market, with reliable and measurably high quality solutions that demonstrably fulfil all requirements, achieve increased business efficiency, all at a competitive cost.



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