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Knowledge sharing and dissemination are the core values in ProClaris. Our principal technology associates are the driving force to foster those values, and are core contributors to the company extensive knowledge assets. The following summary profiles of ProClaris founding technologists demonstrate their extensive experience and involvement in the software development industry, particularly their software engineering expertise on the Microsoft platform:

Enricos Manassis

Enricos Manassis is a seasoned information technology consultant, trainer and author. With over fifteen years in the field, Enricos has acquired extensive experience in various roles of the whole software development lifecycle. From developer to tester, functional architect, software architect and project manager, Enricos has gained a holistic vision of software development and applying engineering principles to the process. His main role has been as a software architect on the Microsoft platform, with his current focus being the development of solutions on the .NET framework.

Enricos has developed specific technical expertise in the following solution architectures, amongst others: e-Commerce, Enterprise Application Integration, Experts Systems, Enterprise Information Portals.

His functional domain expertise extends to: Billing, Bill Presentation and analysis, Content Management, Product Catalogues, Customer Relationship Management, Order Management, Forums, Chat Rooms, Search & Categorization, Electronic Healthcare Record (EHCR), Telecom Network Management and others.

His industry experience spans Telecom, Retail, Health Care, Market Research & Analysis, and Iron & Steel Making.

Enricos is the author of Practical Software Engineering: Analysis and Design for the .NET platform (2003, Addison Wesley, ISBN : 0321136195), where he presents the reader with an integrated vision of three dimensions in software development: process, methods/techniques, and technology while taking the reader through a case study for specifying, analyzing, designing, implementing and testing a sample software system on the .NET platform. The ProClaris Practical Process™ used by ProClaris is covered in detail in this book. Please visit also the book's companion site www.booksreasy.com.

Enricos is also a reviewer for IEEE Software magazine.

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