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  • In the presentation Practical Software Engineering for Architects and Developers we review the case for an evolution from the craftsmanship situation that is currently prevailing in the software development industry, and analyse the drivers towards an engineered approach to the development of software, which can be practically applicable. The approach is validated through a case study demonstrating the far reaching implications of applying proper engineering to the aspect of user access control to the features of a software system. The methodology applied was first described in an article published in the Rational Edge: From Use Cases to Role Based Security Components. In this article the methodology was applied on the COM+ technology, while the presentation demonstrates how the same engineering approach can be applied on the .NET technology.
  • The presentation A practical approach to Refactoring in .NET presents the various issues involved in refactoring a software system, identifies the aspects that have the most critical impact on the quality of the software, and for each aspects proposes tools that help in refactoring towards achieving quality improvement on that aspect.


White Papers

  • In the same way as ageing buildings are to various degrees refurbished after some time, migration and reengineering of software systems is one inevitable aspect of the maturing software industry, following technical or strategic imperatives. However it is often difficult to decide what approach to take when reengineering a software system. In Migration vs Reengineering we examine the issues involved and how they drive the choice of the best approach to take.


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