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System Specification

Once the Business Modeling has been done we know roughly the business of the company which is pertinent to the System to be engineered and we can focus on this.

Therefore we start by writing the System Vision and System Features documents. These documents define more precisely the Business Problem and its Scope. The knowledge contained in these documents is then refined further into Use Case Definitions and a List of Requirements.

A very important contribution to these are the User Stories which will serve as the basis for the subsequent specification of Use Cases but also of the User Experience Model, which will give a sense of the screens to be created and their interaction with users. The User Stories are a powerful tool, which allows the users to focus on their business and to explain it in a plain document, freeing them from the hassle of having to conform to some unknown notation or other constraint.

The Actor Diagrams shall be carefully devised, as it is the basis for the Role Based Security definition.

Finally the Use Cases shall serve as the basic input for the Scope Map, a diagram of all Use Cases organized in a hierarchy centered on the business functions. Later they shall also serve as the basis for the Test Scenarios. This makes them the most important output of this step, along with the Use Case Definitions.

Optionally Screen Mockups can be generated providing a better feeling of the System interaction for the users.

You will find all the elements discussed above in the following schema. Again note the dependency relationships between them, both within the scope of the System Specification but also with Business Modeling elements and Analysis elements.

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