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Turnkey solutions

Have you opted to completely outsource the development of a new solution? ProClaris can propose a competitive fixed price arrangement for an implementation on the Microsoft platform. We base our success on leveraging the three foundations of our company's strategy: process, technical architecture and technology.

We are uniquely positioned in the market, being capable of consistently delivering with absolute confidence, fixed price turnkey solutions. We successfully deliver results on time, within budget, and precisely fit to purpose.

Just-in-Time expert support

Are you setting up an important new Software Project? Correct preparation and planning from the very beginning can save you a lot of headaches during the implementation and help you achieve a final product that perfectly fulfils the user needs, in time and within budget. ProClaris can provide you with highly skilled people in Project Management, Business Analysis, System Design & Architecture, Development and Testing.

Project quality control & auditing

Does your ongoing Software Project require quality assessment? ProClaris can run an audit for you and assess the quality of the Project, measuring factors such as project management, methodology and technology. ProClaris can propose major modifications or fine tunings to help you decide upon and take corrective actions.


Do you wish to help your collaborators improve their understanding of Software Engineering? ProClaris can provide you with the appropriate seminar to help you understand what the implications are, and/or with the right training course that will develop your skills in a practical way.



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